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I'm married to the Pagan Baby with grown sons, exemplary grand kids and a beautiful kitty.


BIO-CRAP . . .

What HAVEN'T I done? I've burned hair off hogs with a torch on the appropriately-named Kill Floor in a slaughter house.

I've been a saloon singer. I've sold exotic smoking paraphernalia - pipes, roach clips, bongs, incense and body oils. I've broadcast on the radio and driven a forklift.

I'm a published word-slinger going back to a column in The Razzberry Radical, a Dayton underground rag in the '70s; Atheist Nation; Freethought Today; Dayton Monthly; Dayton Daily News; The Bulletin for Central Ohioans for Rational Inquiry; a couple of literary mags, and various company newsletters and brochures. I've placed in a couple of regional short fiction contests.

I never knew what I wanted to be when I grew up. Now, as a retired eccentric, I believe I have realized my lifelong dream.

Blogito, ergo sum. (I blog, therefore I am.)

Rev. Art - FKA, Saloon singer-guitarist Art Wild

First celebrity crush: Rockabilly Queen Wanda Jackson
First (and forever) hero: Audie Murphy - most-decorated WWII soldier; action movie star

Favorite film comedy: A Night At the Opera - Marx Brothers

Favorite film drama: High Noon w/ Gary Cooper

Favorite band: Credence Clearwater Revival

Favorite rock singer: Bob Seger, male; Tina Turner, female

Favorite country singer: Johnny Cash; Patty Loveless

Fave R&B singer: Ray Charles; Etta James

Fave rockabilly singer: Gene Vincent; Wanda Jackson.

Jazz Singer: Louis Armstrong; Peggy (Ooh La) Lee; Ella Mae Morse.

Most influential book I read in college: "Atlas Shrugged"/Ayn Rand

If I could sleep with anyone living or dead (besides the Pagan Baby), it would be: Actress Mimi Rogers

Most notable characteristic (past): "Chick Magnetism."

Most notable characteristic (today): beer belly

In my studio you'll find: Wall-to-wall '50's memorabilia. Gateway. 300-disk CD player. Guitars, fiddles, amps, mikes. Vinyl 45's and 33's. A wind-up console "Victrola" and a 78 RPM record collection.

The first line of my obit should read: "If you don't hear from me, then I was right - there's no afterlife."

Da Rev, Heathen Epistler


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