"Dino" at 17

"Dino" at 17

Dino went to Chamatraz High

Sometime after age 10 I developed stage fright. I didn't venture back before an audience 'til I was 17. That first performance wasn't. Mary Dicken's Dance School presented a recital for the resident vets at the Veterans' Hospital in Dayton. Her daughter Cheryl invited me to sing. I stepped before the mike and looked out over the auditorium and uh - nothing. I couldn't make a sound. My vocal chords were frozen. Not quite the seasoned, savvy performer yet - I shrugged my shoulders, gave 'em all a helpless look and hurried off the stage.

Fortunately, Mrs. Dicken brought the kids back to the Vets' Home and I got a second chance to summon up my courage. This time the larynx delivered.

Lead guitarist Dennis Stadler and I formed a band in 1959. Bob Benedick and Sonny Grandin were drummers. Mike Clark played bass.

Other bands in the area were Teddy and The Roughriders, Tuck and The Tornadoes, Paul Leonard (later Dayton's Rock 'n' Roll Mayor) and The Jaguars, etc.

I made a list of potential band names - Vince and The Valiants & Dino and The Detours were two. "Detours" was chosen 'cuz Dennis could play Duane Eddy's version of the old '40's tune "Detour".

The first songs we learned were "Detour", "Shortnin' Bread", "Walk, Don't Run", "Bonie Moronie", Fats Domino's "Oh, What A Price" . . .

Later Jim Todd joined as second lead - then replaced Dennis. Denny & I fell out over his calling himself "Dino" after a couple of years together. I was Dino. Soon there were two bands in Dayton with leaders named Dino . . .

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